This article is about how to be prepared for new opportunities, even if they are not currently seen in the horizon. With proper preparation and performance, results will occur when the time is right.

Visualise on a daily basis the different aspects of what you want to achieve and how you will achieve it. Then take relevant practical steps.

Let’s say you want to buy a house but you don’t have the capital yet. Waiting for the time you will have money in order to start searching for houses is a mistake, not only because you will not be prepared to buy the most suitable option out there, but also because you will possibly spend more for less.

Study the housing market and view houses for sale in your areas of preference. Go in-depth about typical pros and cons of houses currently on the market,  how pricing corresponds to perceived value, learn more about material like floors, tiles, doors, wardrobes, bathrooms and so on.

By taking the above steps, not only you set yourself in the right frame of mind for buying a great property, you are assured that you will make good use of your money when it comes in the near future. Who knows, perhaps you’ll even save a few thousands that can be invested in other ways.

Another way to build-up your way to a new opportunity is to become active in your field of interest, even if you are still quite far from the desired end-result.

If for example you became interested in the tech industry, you want to start a relevant business but you don’t have the right background it would be a great idea to join relevant groups, go to local startup/tech events, meet and talk to people who know more and start reading and writing about it. This will help you build a solid infrastructure for when the opportunity appears. You’ll be ready to take full advantage.

Finally, it is important to leverage on global crises despite of them being negative for most people. Every crisis brings opportunities. When markets crash, there is a lot of money to be made. Most people go into psychological depression during these times, even people who have not been directly affected. These periods present opportunities though, as long as one remains calm with a clear and active mind despite the negative repercussions on many levels – economic, social, political, professional and personal.

I hope I gave you an outline on how to create and anticipate opportunities.

See you soon,

Alexis Makrides